March 2024

March was another exciting month at Sherwood Studios, as we’ve been able to collaborate with more esteemed producers to craft some powerful new music. We especially loved our session with Source and LJ, as their styles complimented each other perfectly. We really love working with local artists and we’re always looking to work alongside new producers, songwriters and vocalists. Sherwood Studios has also been able to showcase some new videography work, partnering with local businesses to weave compelling visual narratives that reflect the essence of their brands. We love working on videography projects, as it allows us to expand our local network and create meaningful connections within the community, alongside the work we do within the music industry. We’ve been able to work with ‘Tikki Training’ from Magenta Gym, capturing visuals from one of his demanding “Boot Camp” sessions. We wanted to create quick, effective content through a culmination of motivational snippets and behind-the-scenes glimpses into what a “Boot Camp” session looks like and what people can look forward to. We’ve also worked with ‘Bliss Cafe’, with the primary aim of elevating their social media presence. We understand the importance of high-quality visual content, so we showcased the café’s delectable offerings, cozy atmosphere, and personalised service, inviting their followers to come down. We did this through a series of professionally shot photographs and thoughtfully curated videos. Sherwood Studios has always had a passion for both music and visual storytelling, so it’s great to be able to work on both alongside each other.